Changing the SQL Login details

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Not all of the IQ-Range of software products have an obvious button to click if you need to change the SQL connection settings. Below is a brief description of an alternative way of changing these details. The instructions below will work the same for all products that are part of the IQ-range of software products.
Step 1: Open up command prompt at any point where a shortcut (or the original .exe file) to the product exists. Once you are in this folder (the desktop will work in the same way), ensure that no file for this is selected, hold down the shift key and right click on any empty space. Once the right click menu opens select, ‘Open Command Window here’.


Alternatively you can open the command prompt from your start menu and navigate to the location of the shortcut.


Step 2: Once a command prompt window is pointed to an appropriate window, type the name of the application you are trying to change the settings for followed by a space and “/sqlconn” (without the inverted commas), and hit Enter.


You will note in the above example the selected file is a shortcut located on the desktop. It is important to note that if the extension for the file is not included this will not work. Some common extensions you will find are .exe, .lnk and .appref-ms.

If you completed the above steps correctly the SQL connection properties window will open and you will be able to change the connection settings for this application.

The above instructions will work for IQSuite, VisitorIQ, IdentityIQ, AccessIQ and RelayIQ. Remember to use the appropriate name for the product you are trying to update.


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