Changing the IP Address of an iDU5 without using the IQSuite software

Root Folder
Below are instructions for you to change the IP address of a reader using our IDU tool.

It will be easier if you connect the reader directly to a machine that is not on the network when doing this so that the other readers on the network are not present. You can do this on any laptop or PC and do not require any other software to be installed.

Follow the following link to our ftp and download the following file (copy link into your browser)

Username: ipulseclient

Password: biome

Root > Technical\ > IDUtoolsetup.exe

After downloading, install the IDU Tool.

Run the IDU tool, all the important areas are highlighted.

On the bottom half of the screen there is a communications Settings bar. Make sure Network is selected as above. In that same line there is a text area labeled IDU2 IP. Enter the IP Address of the IDU5 that needs an IP change.

Now on the top right hand side there is a network area. Click the read button. If the reader is on the network this are should populate with the relevant settings. You can now change the IP settings as required. Click set to save the settings.

It is important to note that you have to click read before changing any settings and clicking set to ensure you don’t accidentally change the units MAC address. It should never change. So always read, change the data then set.

After you have finished the above, reboot the reader and it will use the new IP that has been assigned to it. You can check this by rebooting the reader (press C 3 times) and noting what the IP Address is on the last screen before the unit finishes booting.


The iPulse Support Team

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