IQSuite: Removing PIN field constraints

Root Folder > IQ Range
IQSuite: Removing PIN field constraints
Processes to follow in order to disable constraints on the PIN field in order to store RFID card serial numbers for transfer to an external controller via Wiegand.
Launch IQSuite and open Task Manager (this can be done by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del or Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Launch Task Manager)
Exit the IQSuite.
Under the Applications tab, locate the IQSuite – Biometric Management Software entry and right-click on it.
Select Go To Process from the menu that appears.
This will take you to the Processes tab, where IQSuite is highlighted. Right-click on this entry.
In the menu that appears, select Open File Location. This will open a Windows Explorer window that contains all the application files.
Note: In the preceding screenshot, the selected process is listed as IQSuite.vshost.exe - this image was taken from a running debug build. For release versions this will be IQSuite.exe.  
Scroll down until you find IQSuite.exe.config (if the “Hide file extensions for known file types” option is on, you will only see this as IQSuite.exe, with its type registering as XML Configuration File and not as an Application)
Right-click on this file, select Open With… and select Notepad from the window that appears.
With this file open, scroll down until you find the EnforcePINLimit setting. By default, this will be set to True. For your use, you would need to set this to False.
Save and close this file. 

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