ACS 5.4: Connecting to Reader via TCPIP

Root Folder > Access Control Software (ACS)
Launch Access Control 5.4
Click on Access Control
A window will pop up with a globe and the company name you entered next to it. Right click on this.
Select Access Control Tree Maintenance
Select Add New Child Node
Enter the description of this reader in the Child Node Description field. This is what will appear on the reader’s screen and used In the software to identify the device.
Typical examples would be Stock Room, Front Door, Sales Office etc.
Make sure to tick Unit linked to this node
The direction doesn’t matter, you can leave it on N/A. Click OK
At the top, make sure that Network is ticked.
In the IP Address field, enter the IP address of the reader.
You can leave the ports as they are – click Connect
The software will attempt to connect to the Reader. If successful, it will populate the Serial Number field.

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