ACS 5.4: Adding a Reader

Root Folder > Access Control Software (ACS)

Adding a reader

Please open the Access Control v5.4 software and log in.
Click on the Access Control button on the main interface. In the window that opens, right-click on the root of the access control tree (indicated by the orange arrow in figure 1) and select Add new child node.
Figure 1
In the window that pops up, enter a name that will identify this node in the access control tree. Make sure to tick Unit linked to this node (as indicated by the orange arrow).
Figure 2
The Connection Options window will pop up. Select the communications type associated with your needs and enter the IP address or serial port the reader is connected to. Click Connect.
Figure 3
You will be prompted to connect your new reader. Click Yes to continue.
Once communications have been established, the iDU Serial Number field will populate and the following message will be displayed:
Figure 4
Finally, the reader configuration screen will appear. Settings are discussed in-depth in the user manual, for our purposes, you may close this window.
Figure 5

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