Using an iPB6 with Access Control 5.4

Root Folder > Access Control Software (ACS)
Using an IPB6 with Access Control 5.4: Downgrading the reader firmware

What you'll need

  • Firmware version 4.9.10
  • DoUpdate.bat batch file
  • PSCP.exe
All of the above have been included in a zipped file available from this link:

Performing the update

Download and extract the archive containing the firmware files. Once done, open the folder to which you’ve extracted the contents of the archive.
Hold Shift + Right Click in the folder the files were extracted to and from the right-click menu, select Open command window here as shown in the image below.


In the command window, type DoUpdate.bat followed by the IP address of the reader you’d like to update. If you forget to add the IP, the batch file will offer an example of the general usage, as per the image below.
If the reader’s IP address is you will enter:
At which point you will be informed that it is updating the iPB firmware.
When the file transfer has been completed, the reader will reboot.
If it does not, you may need to do so yourself.
Open the menu on the reader and confirm that it is now running Firmware version 4.9.10

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