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Purchasing software from iPulse

What is the IQ Range?

The IQ range of software products is the critical underpinning infrastructure to all of the hardware products and online services offered by iPulse Systems. The IQ software packages are designed to work seamlessly with the entire range of products offered by iPulse, and some external products as and where indicated. Products in the range include the following:

What is included in the Purchase Price?

When purchasing a software license from the iPulse IQ range, the price includes a single software license to be installed onto one PC. When installed/ activated, the license is linked to the specific MAC address of the PC on which it is installed.
There is no limit to the amount of users or devices that may be linked to that software package; the IQ range does not charge Client Access Licenses (CAL’s).
Also included in the license is 12 months of software assurance, which is described in more detail below. This software assurance is valid for 12 months from the time of installation/ activation.
It is important to note that the purchase of an IQ range software product is a once-off fee, and that the product belongs to you – although the SOFTWARE ASSURANCE expires, the license does not. Please ensure you input accurate information about YOUR COMPANY, and not the partner, when registering the software.

What is software assurance?

Software Assurance allows you to maintain your investment in your software, and allows you to keep up to date with the latest versions at a small percentage of the original cost. Your first year is free, so any updates issued during your first year will automatically be available to you. Thereafter, you need to purchase your software assurance annually from iPulse directly via our software portal, and this is charged at 20% of the current price of the software product you are renewing.
Software Assurance includes any updates, bug fixes or additional features added to the software during your software assurance period.

What happens when my software assurance expires?

Should you choose not to pay the annual Software Assurance fee, no further updates will be available to you from that point onwards. However the product will continue to function, and will not be compromised in any way.
If more than 6 months after expiration of the Software Assurance you decide that you wish to continue with the program, a new license will have to be purchased to re-engage on the program.

What does software assurance NOT include?

It is important to note that Software assurance specifically does not include support or a Service Level Agreement of any kind.
Software assurance ensures that your version is always the latest version, and gives you access to free updates, new features and bug fixes as long as you are part of the program.
iPulse has a site where you, or preferably your supporting partner, can report bugs or issues. These will be dealt with by iPulse according to the terms defined in the IQ range EULA (End User License Agreement).
When additional features are required, a request can be put through to your installer, who will send it through to iPulse. This will be considered as an additional feature, which will either be quoted for, or if it can add significant value to the product, be incorporated into the next release. This will be at iPulse’s own discretion.

How do I get support for the IQ software range?

Support can normally only be obtained through the installation partner, or another registered partner of iPulse. ALL support is charged for, although some partners offer a 2/3 month free support window to partners who have their products installed through them, which is considered common practice.
However, thereafter, all support is offered via ad hoc call outs, or a monthly signed SLA (Service Level Agreement). iPulse does NOT offer support to anyone but trained, registered partners, and reserves the right to refuse support for expired software packages which have bug fixes for the specific item available in later versions of the product.
We do offer a web portal that hosts a knowledge base, user manuals and any other content that may be useful to clients or the partners supporting them. The contents on this portal are open to everyone as a free service, although only partners will be able to log tickets for support.  

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