Installing a Hamster Plus, IV or Pro

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This guide will help you install your Secugen Hamster Plus enrollment device. Due to a Windows Update driver conflict you might be experiencing some difficulty getting your Hamster to function within IQSuite. Please do not plug your hamster in until you are prompted to do so.


Step 1: Ensuring you have the correct version of drivers for your device


IQSuite requires that the latest version of driver be installed for your hamster to function. A recent update to the Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) overwrites some of these files required by IQSuite.  If you do need to download the drivers, you can download the Secugen 32bit or Secugen 64bit drivers by following their respective links or you can find it on your installation CD in the folder named prerequisites.


Step 2: Install the hamster driver


Run the installation for your hamster and follow the instructions carefully. Take note that you might be asked if you would like to overwrite some files that are newer than the ones you are currently installing. Select yes in all cases. Plug your hamster in when prompted to do so. Test your hamster in IQSuite.

Installing your Hamster and its Drivers

If your USB enrollment device in not yet plugged in please do so now. Run the driver installation file that you can download from the iPulse FTP site.


Note that if during the initial part of the installation you are prompted to overwrite some files select YES every time you are prompted. This is important as Windows Update automatically updates its Windows Biometric Framework and overwrites some files required by IQSuite to use the hamster.

If at this time your hamster is plugged in correctly, the installation will detect the USB enrollment device and display it.


After the installation is complete you will be asked whether you would like to run the Diagnostic Utility. This is not something you are required to do but if you are not familiar with the USB enrollment device this is a perfect time to spend some time with it and get comfortable with the use of this very important device.


If you did prompt to run the diagnostic utility it will start the application pictured below. If your USB enrolment device is plugged in it will show it along with any other Secugen biometric devices plugged into your machine. If your device appears in the dropdown list “Select a Fingerprint Device” select it now and press the Init button


You can capture your print by putting your finger down on your USB enrolment device and pressing the ‘Capture’ button. Feel free to play around with the Capture button, and the Cont. Capture button features and configuring the device. Once you are comfortable with using the USB enrolment device, you can go ahead and install IQSuite.


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