SQL Server 2008 R2 - Database backup procedure

Root Folder

If you already have Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express or another front-end installed, you can skip this step. If Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> SQL Server Management Studio Express is missing, you will need to install this.
Browse your iPulse Installation CD for the Support Files directory. Once there, run SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi as an Administrator.
Once the installation is complete, open SQL Server Management Studio Express.
(Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> SQL Server Management Studio Express)
Logging in
When SQL Management Studio launches, you will see the logon screen.
Depending on the settings used to install your SQL Server, the details you enter in this form may differ.
If you don’t have these details, you can try the following:
Server name: .\SQLExpress
Authentication: Windows Authentication
Choosing a backup destination

1. Expand the Databases tree
2. Right-click on the database you want to back up
3. Select Tasks
4. Select Backup
The following screen will appear:
If there is an existing path in the Destination box near the bottom, click on it and select Remove.
Next, click on Add to specify the folder where the database will be saved.
Click on the ellipses to browse to a new location.
Take special care to add the .bak extension to the file name – SQL recognises this as a backup file and will only allow you to restore backups with this extension.
Making a database backup

1. Click OK to save the backup file’s location
2. Click OK again to add the file path as a backup destination
3. Click OK a last time to start the backup process
Please note the progress indicator in the bottom left corner of the SQL window. Depending on the size of the database, this may take several minutes to complete
Completing the process

If you see the following message, the backup procedure has been completed successfully :

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