IntelliManager Basics

Root Folder
The Selection Screen
Double-click on the reader you want to connect to, displayed in the orange box in figure 1.
If the reader is online, the IntelliManager will launch the Relay Overview screen. In this view, you can see a list containing all the connected relays that were detected, how many licenses you have available, how many licenses have been used, all contained in the blue block in figure 1.
The grid – indicated by the red arrow – contains information it gathered from all detected relays.
Double-clicking on a relay (or clicking Configure IntelliRelay ) will take you to the configuration screen.
Selecting a relay and clicking on Trigger intelliRelay will trigger that relay, so that you can confirm it is working.
The Relay Configuration screen
The blue arrows indicate the Row and Rack counters. As you change these, the description of this
relay will change as well. This is the identifier used by Remedy. On the reader, the combination of
Row and Rack – 0411, from the image below, for instance – will be the code used to trigger that
particular relay.
The contents of the green block determine
  • Delay – how long after a print is identified before the relay will open.
  • Duration – how long a relay will stay open for
  • Warning – how long before the door triggers an alarm, having been left open.
The orange block contains components for quickly changing something, such as the timing, without
needing to assign groups etc. again.
Save and Close will return you to the screen in Figure 1, Save and Disconnect will disconnect from
the reader after saving data.
To continue, click Next
The Relay Grouping screen

The grid indicates all groups that have been assigned to this reader. Of these groups, you may tick the ones you wish to allow access through this reader.
When you click Finish you will be returned to the screen shown in Figure 1

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