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 Welcome, and thank you for logging into support.ipulse.co.za.

We intend to use this site for all future support calls, for a number of reasons, which are listed below:

1) Tracking & Managing Support Calls
Mailing support@ipulse.co.za or creating a ticket directly on the support.ipulse.co.za sites causes the system to generate a ticket, which has a unique number and a date & time stamp. All communications thereafter that cc support@ipulse.co.za are automatically added to a chain linking them together, and this chain is clearly visible to both the support personnel, and the end customer, who is using the system.

This allows our support team, and our customers, to clearly track the progress of the communications, and have a clear picture of what happened, and when it happened.

2) Accountability
The system requires individual support team members to take ownership of a ticket, and then respond, resolve, follow up or close these tickets based on the resolution or lack thereof.

Additional options, like passing the call onto a senior engineer if required, or scheduling follow ups, are also available on the system, which can track items like average response times, and turnaround times. Together, these items make individuals accountable for their own actions.

3) Organisational Ownership
Customers often get frustrated if they are mailing an individual, who happens to not be in the office, on leave or generally unresponsive for any reason. Using a ticketing system allows customers to mail the company, not a person, and thus hold the overall organisation responsible for its responses to customers. This improves service delivery at all levels.

We trust that you will soon experience the benefits of this site, and look forward to improving our support levels and response times to you and your team!

iPulse Support Team

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