iDU5 Tool

Root Folder
IDU5 Tool
The IDU5 Tool is a configuration tool for the IDU5 readers.
Firstly, you can download the tool off of the iPulse FTP site, from the following details:
FTP Details

Username : ipulseclient
Password : biome 

Main Menu


On starting the IDU5 Tool enter an IP Address of an IDU5 reader and then click on either Settings or Clockings.



The settings window is used to change common settings on the IDU5, including IP Address.


The clockings menu provide the following:
  • Read Clock Counters
Read Clock Counters will retrieve and display the following:
  • Total Clocks: The total amount of clocks on the reader
  • Download clocks: The total of clocks already downloaded
  • Available clocks: The number of clocks available for download
  • Download Clockings
This function will download all available clocks and display it.

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