VIQ windows user account is missing?

Root Folder > IQ Range
The VIQ user account is simply a user profile set up to have limited rights - cannot change IP's, doesn't have admin access, can't really do any damage to the system. 
This account exists because customers interact with this machine in a way that isn't, usually, controllable. We don't want someone changing the IP on the console because he thought it would be funny, for instance. For that reason, while we supply an admin login, it is highly advised that the console is NEVER logged in as admin unless an authorised person is working on it. 
So yes, it is possible that this account is missing. More likely than data corruption, though, is that someone removed or disabled this profile. The reason I consider this more likely is because one would expect an OS / HDD corruption to affect more than just a very specific Windows User Profile. I'd expect it to still be there and give an error when you try to log in.
I'd recommend heading to the Local User Management window. You can access this through the Control Panel, but it's faster to go win+r, lusrmgr.msc
In the management console window, select Users from the tree on the left. In the center pane, you'll see a list of all accounts. Is the VIQ account still there? Has it been disabled, perhaps? 
If it's not there, you can create a Windows user with limited access and script it for automatic login. If it is there, you can probably just re-enable it.
I would also highly recommend changing the admin password on that console - we don't know who has access to it now, and an IT Technician with admin access on a machine connected to a network can cause quite some trouble. 

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