Loading a badge in VisitorIQ

Root Folder > IQ Range
Loading a Badge template in VisitorIQ

The badge template

All badge templates are created using the Brother P-Touch Editor, available for download from Brother’s website. You are welcome to design your own - a blank template with the required placeholders for visitor information is available from iPulse on request. 
Templates are stored in .lbx format.


Locating VisitorIQ’s Config file

To locate the VisitorIQ configuration file, make sure that VisitorIQ is running before launching Windows Task Manager. You can launch Task Manager by
  • Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Right-clicking on your start-bar and clicking Start Task Manager
  • Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and selecting Start Task Manager
Locate VisitorIQ.exe under the Applications tab in Task Manager. Right-click on it and, from the menu that appears, click on Go To Process.
Under the now-open Processes tab, right-click on VisitorIQ.exe (which should automatically have been selected) and click on Open File Location.
An instance of Windows Explorer will be opened at the location where VisitorIQ has been installed. The file you’re looking for is named VisitorIQ.exe.config
In order to continue, you will need to close VisitorIQ.

Setting the Template Path

To start, right-click on VisitorIQ.exe.config and select Open with. You may open this file with any text editor of your choice. For the purposes of this manual we’ll assume you are using Notepad due to its widespread availability
With the file open. Scroll down until you see an entry marked BadgeTemplatePath, as in the image below.
Under the BadgeTemplatePath setting, change the value to the location of your .lbx file.
Save the file and launch VisitorIQ.

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